Finger on the Pulse is a lively community filled with specially selected advisers who share their opinions on topics ranging from heath to retail to dining, and everything in between.

Who is the company behind Finger on the Pulse? We are Horizon Media, the largest independently owned media services agency in the USA! To put it another way, we are the people who help brands advertise where they will get the most positive impact. If you've seen an ad with the GEICO Gecko, Samuel L. Jackson for the Capital One Quicksilver Card, or a relaxing beach scene with a cold Corona beer, then you've seen our work.

You can learn more about Horizon Media in the community or at our main website.

You might be wondering what we do with the things we learn from you at Finger on the Pulse. The opinions and insights that community members share are used to help big brands understand how to provide better offerings to their consumers. As a member of the community, you will be asked to answer surveys about your experiences, attitudes and behaviors, and share your thoughts in discussion forums and opinion polls on a variety of topics that teach us about the above and get your voice heard!

Some of the benefits that Finger on the Pulse members enjoy areā€¦

  • Provide feedback to the many companies in different industries that need to know what real people think
  • See the newest ideas and latest trends before everyone else
  • Interact with other people across the country. The community creates a forum where people can ask questions, share experiences, tips and advice
  • See what other people think, and see what's happening elsewhere in the country
  • A chance to win prizes

And, as a member, you get to share YOUR opinions!